Promat Fendolite

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An Affordable Industrial Fireproofing Solution

Bridgsite, LLC offers quality passive fireproofing products that are ideal for use in construction, energy, refining, and other industrial applications. Promat’s Fendolite cementitious sprays can protect your facility's structural integrity and minimize damage in the event of a fire.

What are Cementitous Sprays

Cementitious sprays are an easy to apply and extremely effective fireproofing solution for steel and concrete structures in high-risk environments. They are fully weatherproof and offer outstanding fire protection during and even after a fire, blast, or explosion. These make them a perfect solution for protecting complex steel and concrete structures in industrial environments.

They also create an efficient barrier that will last up to 240 minutes in the event of a hydrocarbon pool fire and up to 120 minutes in the event of a jet fire. The sprays are dense but lightweight, offering a long-term fire protection solution that is easy to install and maintain. Fendolite offers outstanding fire and heat protection at affordable rates, making it ideal for a variety of facilities from small treatment plants to large refineries.

Installation Procedure

  1. Substrate preparation
  2. Fixings
  3. Application of CAFCO® PSK 101 or application of a key coat of CAFCO® SBR Bonding Latex mixed with Cafco FENDOLITE® MII
  4. Filling/covering of hollow areas (for boxed protection)
  5. Application of the mesh reinforcement
  6. Mixing of Cafco FENDOLITE® MII and/or Cafco FENDOLITE® TG
  7. Application of FENDOLITE® MII and/or Cafco FENDOLITE® TG
  8. Surface finishing
  9. Surface coating

Local On-Site Service and Support

Our subsidiary, Bridgsite Nigeria Limited, has the experience and training to ensure that the best standards are used when applying these products on-site. This makes us the best local partner for all of your project’s Fendolite needs.

The Fire Protection and Insulation Experts

Our partners at Promat are trusted by several companies to provide outstanding passive fire protection and high-performance insulation solutions. Their selection of products caters to all types of operation in the industrial sector from water treatment to chemical refining.