Viper Drone System

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Monitor the Condition of Your Industrial Infrastructure With Ease

Bridgsite, LLC offers surveillance solutions that will promptly alert you of infrastructure issues and help you identify them. Using the latest in drone and camera technology, our monitoring products can save you from costly issues that can be missed by more traditional surveillance methods.

About Viper Drone

We represent Viper Drone products within the West African sub-region. Viper Drones is a US company that specializes in providing surveillance and monitoring solutions to the oil and gas industry. They designed The Viper Vantage Drone System, an innovative, user-friendly technology that is deployed through an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) assembly.

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The Innovative Surveillance Solution

The Viper Vantage Drone System is an integrated UAV with a high-tech camera that locates the coordinates of leaks within minutes of the incident. It also provides timely monitoring of remote facilities and offers a safe and cost-effective means of gathering real-time data. It takes highly detailed pictures that can significantly reduce emergency response times, planning, and costs in the event of gas leaks or oil pipeline damage.

With this system, you’ll reduce the environmental damage and pollution created by long delays in response time when these incidents occur.

Save Money, Save the Environment

Viper Vantage allows the operator to be environmentally compliant, reduce revenue loss, and maintain safety standards. Its OGI System offers the best enterprise solution for gas leak detection. You’ll be able to visualize and pinpoint gas leaks without the need to shut down the entire operation.

The Viper Vantage System integrates a mission-tuned UAV and FLIR G300a camera using a single controller for the pilot. This seamless integration allows the operator to use the system for gas leak detection safely and cost-effectively.

The Surveillance Partner That You Can Trust

We are partnering with Viper Drone to offer pipeline leak detection services. Their products, which combine the latest in drone and camera technologies, are the most efficient method in ensuring your pipelines are safe and pristine.