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Procurement, Marketing, and Promotion of Industrial Products

Innovative Engineering Design and Optimization

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions


Bring Your Company’s Industrial Expertise to The African Market

Bridgsite, LLC is a consulting company that serves as a bridge between US exported goods and services and emerging economies in the Sub‑Saharan African market. We provide a variety of consultation and other services that promote the use of US‑made products. Our work is focused on servicing businesses in the continent’s industrial sector including engineering, manufacturing, renewable energy, as well as oil and gas.

What We Do

Procurement, Marketing, and Promotion of Industrial Products

Our team can promptly supply the market with quality materials, machines, and equipment that are suitable for industrial applications. We’ll also handle the marketing of these products to their ideal customers.

Innovative Engineering Design and Optimization

We help companies create a sustainable power and electricity infrastructure that uses renewable energy sources. Our designs are optimized for efficiency and reliability making them ideal for developing areas.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Our company repairs and refurbishes construction machines and equipment using certified original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This ensures that all your gear operates at peak performance even after years of use.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We represent Aquatech products within the West African sub-region. Aquatech is a US company that offers a large portfolio of industrial water and wastewater treatment services.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Efficiently monitor pipelines with the help of Viper Drones’s Viper Vantage Drone System. Equipped with the latest in UAV and camera technology, these drones can locate leaks and other issues faster than more traditional monitoring methods.

Fire Protection Solutions

Bridgsite, LLC is the West Africa sub-region’s source for Fendolite. This fireproofing product from Promat is easy to install and is ideal for a wide variety of structures.

Let’s Bring Your Products to Africa

As experienced international traders and consultants, we’ll help your company efficiently secure market share in the region’s budding industries. Contact our Collierville, Tennessee office today to learn more. We are more than happy to help you expand your market.